Sunday, November 22, 2009

I got some Christmas shopping done...

Actually feel like I accomplished things today. Hubster ordered the girl's Christmas presents, and then I was online at JC Penny, I found the girl's Santa gifts for half the price I was expecting to pay. I also found KG's Christmas dress on sale. I was so excited. I got that ordered. Ordered two books for my brother online to be sent to him. Got to chat with Hubster today online while we were figuring out what to get the girls.

Church was good. We had our Thanksgiving banquet tonight. I couldn't tell you what the guest preacher talked about. We were to busy entertaining the girls. They were bored, and they wanted to play. I can't imagine why. *insert eye roll*

KB goes the the football stadium tomorrow, and TB and I are going to go see a movie. That is what he wanted to do. He wants to go to a theater that he gets to eat lunch at while watching the movie. He gets to choose, and that was his choice. I think we are seeing Planet 51.

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  1. why was KB at the football stadium?
    And how was the movie? Did you see Blindside?