Monday, December 14, 2009

La Te Da

I actually got to speak to Hubster on the phone today. I think it had been close to 2.5 weeks, since I had gotten to speak to him on the phone. He even had a chance to call our pastor. Our pastor is going to have a chat with the boys. They don't seem to be listening all that well to me.

Hubster passed his test for this SCWS pin, so that means he will appear before the board soon which is the second and final step to get the SCWS pin. He has to pass it in order to even test for advancement in February.

Tomorrow is pre-op day for me. I don't know what all that entails. It sounds like loads of fun though. NOT! I do have to see my doctor also for my pre-op appointment with her. I hope that every thing goes okay. This is making me nervous. I'm dreading Hubster not being here with me, but I know that every thing will be fine.

KG sneezed today, and I hear BG yell across the room, "Bless you." It was so funny. I laughed and laughed. BG also had her cup tucked underneath her arm. She couldn't reach it, and she was going around and around in circles like a puppy dog chasing their tail. I was cracking up at her. I wish I had recorded it. It was really funny. The boys are doing good. It looks like TB has passed all of his classes this quarter. We will know soon. This is the end of the 9 weeks for them. That means only 18 more weeks of school. I should start a countdown of some sort even though I don't know why I would be looking forward to the boys being out of school.

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