Saturday, January 16, 2010


I hate grocery shopping for 7 people. Went up to the commissary today, and I spent $275. I did get some rib eyes for $3.66 a pound. I can't wait to eat those. I really hate dropping that kind of money though. We have started eating at home more often than we were. We only eat out maybe 1 at the most 2 times a week.
I fixed the kids chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. They all devoured them. I guess they liked them. I had my phone downstairs with me. I happened to look down and I noticed that Hubster was online. He had already been online for 10 minutes. They only get about 20 minutes each. I started tearing up because I knew that it meant that I wouldn't get to chat with him very long, and I was mad at myself. He told me he would try and get back online later in the day. He didn't, but he ended up calling me instead. I got to talk to him for 13 minutes. Yes, I look at my phone to see how long I get to talk to him.
I ordered Hubster cross trainers from Sears yesterday. He should have them hopefully by the 23rd. He was laughing at me though because I ordered him a 10.5 instead of a 10. I have no idea where that size even came from.
Going to try and get together this week with another wife. This week might not be doable, but I'm sure that next week will. Then next Friday or Saturday, I think FD and I are going to the movies.
The medicine that the doctor has me on makes me feel nutty. I was kind of enjoying the mellow me. After 5 days on the hormones, I can tell a difference in my moods. The mood swings are major. I'm also much more emotional. I guess we will see what happens with that when I talk to her in a couple of weeks.
Going to try and make the 830 service and Sunday school in the morning. I need to get to bed because 630 comes early.

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