Saturday, March 6, 2010

Waiting, waiting, and waiting some more...

Feel like all I do is wait these days. I'm really tired of waiting. I can't figure out what I want to do today, or even if I want to do anything. It is just the kids and me today. Nobody else. The boys are wanting to see the Lightening Thief, so we might do that. I just don't know. I don't feel like shopping even though there are actually a few things that are needed. I just don't know what I want. Well, I know what I want, but I can't have yet. Time is starting to wind down on this deployment, and that makes me happy. I'm just ready for it to be done. I just want to fast forward to the end.

Yesterday, KB had his speech meet. He got a superior ribbon and was very, very close to an excellent. I was proud of him, but he was disappointed. He isn't a very good loser. He prefers to win, and he was wanting a medal. Looked in BG's mouth yesterday, and she has 8 teeth breaking the gum line. No wonder she hasn't been her perky self. The boys had a lock in at church. I had to pick them up this morning at 830. BG decided that 6 was a great time to get up this morning. I'm sleepy, and I want a nap. KG was up before 7. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that BG was pinching her nose while she slept. Nothing at all.

I've got to get a hotel room in GP for when Hubster makes it back to the states. I can't wait to see him. Think I might go ahead and get that part done, and try to figure out where he is wanting to go when he takes his block leave. His sister called and asked if she could come to see the kids from April 15 - 25. I have no problem with that. The kids adore her. Plus the boys have a very nice 4 day weekend the first weekend she is here. I'm thinking a road trip might be in order.

Hubster finally got his package yesterday that I sent him for Valentine's Day. It had his new wedding ring in it. We can't Skype, but I was able to see him on his webcam. He was wearing it. Said it fit perfectly. I asked him if any body noticed it because he hasn't worn a wedding ring in ages. He keeps losing them. He can't really work with it on with his real job. He said that before anybody could say anything he was showing it to everybody. That makes me feel good. It makes me realize how much he values us. I was joking with him and asked him if he told everybody he is now married. Seems he talks about us a lot. Ahhhh, I love that man. I couldn't be any more lucky or blessed.

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