Friday, March 18, 2011

4 Years Ago...

today, I gave birth to Princess KG. I still remember when it dawned on me that we were going to have one of those famous re-deployment babies. We were done with having kids after the boys were in school, and here I was pregnant with number 3. I was riding on the train going to meet my brother, and I was having a hard time not being sick. My mom asked me if I was okay, and I blurted out I was pregnant. I hadn't even told Hubster yet. I think I lived on crackers and 7-UP for a good 5 months. I was so sick with her. This is also when I got lucky and found the best OB/GYN in the world. She is truly one of the best out there. Not many OB's do every thing in their power to deliver their own patients. She truly has a wonderful bedside manner, and it doesn't matter to me if I might have to sit in her office and wait an hour to see her. I know that I'm waiting because she doesn't rush through her patients. She will sit and talk to you. Now back to the story of KG and her birth. It was quite an adventure. I never got sick with the boys. I was sick as a dog with KG. I had morning/noon/evening sickness for 9.5 months until the day she was born. Dr. M had to give me meds for the queasiness. I lost 22 pounds while pregnant with her. Hubster wasn't in town for the big ultrasound. He was sure we were having another boy because he just didn't make girls. Dr. M. had to get on the phone and tell him that yes, we were having a little girl. He kept saying that we were lying. I still don't think he believed us until he saw KG when she was born. The day of her birth though was another story. She was supposed to have been born on the 16th of March, but the hospital didn't have room for us. They told us to keep calling every two hours or so, and maybe a room would open up for us. We did this for 2 days. Finally on the 17th around 5 PM a room became available. They told us to hurry in because if a woman in labor beat us there, they would give the room to her. We got a really big room, and we had some great nurses. My doctor came in around 8 AM to check me and break my water. Then told me she would see me around lunch to deliver a baby. She was going to church. I told her that she wouldn't make it to church because once my water breaks, the fun begins. It is nice to know that I was right. She never made it to church. She didn't even make it back to her house. KG was born a little after 10 that morning. Here she is 4 years later a joy to have in this house. She is looking forward to today. Today is all about her. We are going out to eat for her birthday with her very favorite Aunt Margaret and Uncle Gregg. I got her a shirt that says Birthday Girl on it that she can wear. I have to make her birthday cake later on today. Going to see how well I can do this. I also have to go and get part of her birthday present. She will get the rest of it at her "kid" birthday party that will take place next Sunday the 27th. I'm not aware of very many 4 year olds that want clothes and shoes for their birthday, but those were some of her requests.

I got up to take some melatonin, and I noticed BG was still awake. She had a banana sitting beside her. She told me that she was hungry, and that she got one for KG too. The thing is that KG is asleep, so the peeled banana was sitting on KG's pillow. How sweet is that? BG went downstairs by herself in the dark, crawled up on the cabinet, and got bananas for herself and her sister. That is what I call sisterly love. Those girls are priceless, and I'm very lucky to get to stay at home with them. There are days that I have to remind myself of that.

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  1. :-) This made me smile. There really is something to be said about sister love when they are born close together like ours are isn't there? My girls are best friends, and they can barely talk in complete sentences. I love it.