Monday, September 28, 2009

Praying for a better week...

Today was much, much better than the weekend. Didn't get to talk to Hubster on the phone or internet, but I did get to see him via Skype and IM'ed with him. He didn't want to disturb the other guys in the common area, so there wasn't any talking with him.

Didn't really do much today. I called around to see about what it was going to cost to fix the van. I'm hoping that we are going to be closer to $100 than $300. I have to take it and drop it off on Thursday morning. I have an interview with a lady to watch the girls one or two days a week on Wednesday morning. She is only going to charge $5 per hour, and I was planning on doing something along the lines of a 9 - 2 or 230 type of deal. Found out her husband is a youth pastor, and I like that. I'm hoping that this might work out for me. Just a few hours a week where I'm not having to be "mom" would be wonderful. I'm also planning on starting back to school in January. I'm very excited about that. I should be able to be done in 2 years with a full degree.

I guess I got a lot accomplished. Now, I'm trying to find somebody to watch the girls for me on Thursday. I'm hoping that somebody will take pity on me and do it for me.

Hubster said all of the right things today. I needed to hear them, and I love him for it.

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  1. what r u getting your degree in, Monica? I didn't want to forget to ask you. I think that is a great idea! Go for it!