Monday, April 26, 2010

Not Sure How Much I Will Post...

since Hubster is home. I just don't know what to write about.

We finally made it home Saturday morning at 145. I didn't think we would ever get here. It took nearly 13 hours to get home. The trip normally takes 9, but it seems that we had issues the entire time.

We had a fish fry and birthday party for Ms. Diva, aka KG, on Saturday night. She had so much fun as well as I did with my friend.

Sunday we went to church. Everybody was so glad to finally see Hubster. We went to Hubster's favorite restaurant for lunch. It was on the way to the airport. MIL and SIL went home yesterday. Last night at church, Pastor made the announcement that Hubster had made it home safely from Iraq. He asked Hubster to please stand up, and every body stood up and clapped. It brought tears to my eyes. Then he shared a special scripture about wives, and he said I was one of the greatest wives that he had ever seen.

Today is just getting everybody back in a routine. The boys have achievement tests at school, so their week is a little off any way. KG is already asking when she is going to be able to go to Ms. Heather's house to play with the blocks. We are planning on taking them tomorrow, so that way Hubster and I can have a lunch date. Sounds very exciting. Hubster has a dentist appointment today. I'm sure that is going to be fun. I had already made it before we found out that the VA was going to take care of his dental problems. Oh well, it won't hurt for him to get to know them.
We are still in that honeymoon phase of the return. Where we are just happy to be together, but I can already feel the doubts creeping in on my side. He has been awfully quiet. He doesn't talk, so I don't know what is going on with him. I hate asking questions because I feel that maybe he would just tell me. The kids though are still doing great with him. The girls cry when he leaves.

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