Thursday, August 27, 2009

Busy, Busy, and then hurry up and wait

We got a nice little surprise on Wednesday morning. I woke up at 9 to see that my hubby was logged into Skype. I was never so happy to see somebody signed in. I buzzed him only to end up waking him up. He had gotten in at 3 AM, and he didn't go to bed till 6. He was trying to do his laundry. I only spoke with him for a total of 3 minutes, but it was so nice to hear his voice and to see him. He did end up calling back around 1130 after he woke up. He lost weight while he was gone for the 2.5 weeks, and you can really tell.

I'm sitting here with everything packed waiting for noon to roll around, so that I can go and pick up the car. The boys and my mom are going to get out of school today at 1130, and then we will load up the 2 cars and head off to GP. I can't wait to see Hubster. It is a bittersweet feeling knowing that the next time I see him will be when he is stepping off a plane back onto US soil. At this point, I'm just ready to get this started. That way he can come home.

The girls got to see their Daddy first thing yesterday morning. BG was yelling so that she could be heard above KG. It was very cute. The girls crack me up. Hubster is going to be in for a big surprise when he sees exactly how fast that BG goes walking. She is either walking or running. She never crawls anymore. She also seems to be on the mend. No more snotty nose, but her congestion in her chest is breaking up. Which makes for lots of spitting up.

The boys got to talk to their Daddy after we got home from school/disaster at weigh ins for football/church. TB is having such a wonderful year in school so far. What a difference a year makes. He is my child that has dysgraphia. He struggled so much last year. Spelling was a disaster. He brought home his first spelling test yesterday. He had made an 85. In our house, that calls for a celebration. He failed spelling last year with a 60 average. Children and adults with dysgraphia have a hard time spelling and handwriting, so you can see why it was such a huge deal here. He also had to rub it in to KB that he had a higher spelling grade.

Valuable lesson to learn. Don't tell your 2 year old that you are going to be going bye-bye. She has been whining all morning that she wants to go bye-bye to see Daddy. Oh well, we shall see him in about 13 hours and counting.

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