Friday, April 8, 2011

Gee Whiz...

I hate, hate, hate wasting money. It is a huge pet peeve of mine. I went to the surgeon yesterday for my gallbladder. You know, the one, that has gallstones, but it hasn't caused me any issues. He couldn't fathom why in the world that they would refer me to him. Those are his words. He said there is no way that the pain I have is caused by gallstones. That it is way to low to be that. He asked me if I had any symptoms, at which point I politely informed him no. That I really felt this was a waste of my time and money. He agreed. Wish he would have agreed to refund me the $50 co-pay. He did tell me that if the gallstones haven't bothered at this point, that there was a distinct possibility that they never would. He also said that if I really wanted my gallbladder out, he would take it out for me. No thank you. I see no reason to remove something that is not bothering me in the least. He was very nice, but I have had it up to my eyeballs with doctors visits and tests. I'm giving Dr. M. her last shot at doing something on April 21. If she can't do something about the pain, then I'm switching doctors. This has gotten insane and expensive. There is something wrong, and she needs to fix me. A year has been long enough.

On a happier note, tonight is date night for Hubster and I. We are meeting one of my besties and her husband for supper tonight. We laughingly call her husband Hubster's long lost brother from another mother. They act just alike, and they haven't seen each other in a few weeks. We expect them to be in rare form tonight. I'm also going to have my hair done. I love hair done days. They are relaxing, and Jennifer does such a great job. Think I'm going to ask her not to put blonde highlights in it though. Think I'm going to go for full on red hair one more time.

Sigh, then we have the government shut down thingy looming. I could care less if the government shuts down, but they need to make sure that the military gets paid. It really irritates me that Congress and the president get paid, but the military gets shafted. Hubster's drill was cancelled this weekend. Which is all nice and good, but they will have to make it up. That means that it is going to come at an inconvenient time for us probably. I blame both political parties for this fiasco. There is not a winner on either side. Yes, the budget needs to be cut. This budget should have been in place in October. There is not an if, and, or but about it. I want to go up to Washington and smack some people upside the head.

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