Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Questions and Concerns...

One of the things that I never thought about when I started the journey to get the Lap-band was my marriage. It is not something that has ever crossed my mind until yesterday. I was online on a lap-band forum, when I came across a lady that was getting divorced. She was claiming it was due to the Lap-band. That it changed her life dramatically. That is when she said that she wished that she would have researched how many couples end up divorced after Lap-band. The figure is any where between 60-80%. Wow! That is a huge number. I can't believe how big that is. I'm not worried about my marriage, but it does give me pause. It makes me wonder why that number is so big. What about their marriages made it go south? I'm really curious. I want to avoid all those pitfalls. I don't believe I ever settled with Hubster, which is why some experts think the number is so high. I think that I got the best husband in the world.

I also wonder if my body will ever stop craving things that are not good for me. I would love to have a cookie, a piece of cake, french fries, a hamburger, and a steak. The caffeine craving has gone away, but will the other cravings ever go away. I picked the kids up Wendy's for lunch, and the smell of their food in the car today was awful. I ended up eating a french fry and a chicken nugget, but I did stop myself at that. I refused to eat any thing else. Instead I came home, and I made my protein shake that I am supposed to drink. Amazingly the cravings for that food did go away somewhat. A kid's meal is sitting on the table, and I don't want it. Maybe I answered my own question.

Yesterday Hubster and I went to T-mobile and picked up TB's 12th birthday present. We got him the new Samsung Gravity T. He is loving it. He certainly wasn't expecting it. We refuse to get him the internet on it. If he wants that added to his plan, he has to pay for it.

I got the boys taken care of next week. They are going to spend Sunday night with some friends of Hubster and I. They have to be at church at 8 AM on Monday morning to be ready for camp. I'm praying that God will bless them in many ways next week. They should be back home around noon on Thursday.

Tomorrow I am supposed to go and get my hair done. Today, I'm going to run up to the gym and work out. Have to work off that chicken nugget that I just ate. I'm very disappointed in myself over that. I wish I hadn't done it.

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