Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Birthday Week

Last week was my birthday week.  Some people are lucky enough to get to have the whole week devoted just to them.  I'm not one of them.  My birthday was on Saturday.  Hubster ordered me a cake and had 20 of our friends and family meet for my birthday at a local steak house.  I ended up with lots of scrapbooking stuff and a new mountain bike.  Now, I just need to have a place to ride it.  My birthday was wonderful, and I loved having all of my friends and family there to celebrate it with me.  

Last Wednesday was the first of 3 tests on my bladder.  I swear I will never say that I have issues ever again even if I do.  The test was awful.  I had another test today, and that one I got an instant diagnosis of interstitial cystitis.  At least I know that I'm not a complete hypochondriac or nut job and there is really something wrong. After a while as your body stops doing what it is supposed to be doing, you start to wonder if this is all in your head.  I have the biopsy on my bladder next Wednesday, and they said we will go from there with a plan of action.  

I had my MRI on my head last Thursday.  Met the neurologist on Monday.  I did NOT like him at all.  He told me that I was there only to be told that nothing was seriously wrong and not for relief.  Thankfully the MRI didn't show any abnormalities, but he can't explain the blackouts or the sharp pains in my head.  Everything else he chalked up to migraines.  You know the migraines I have had for 20 years, and that he refuses to treat.  He told me that I haven't had a migraine long enough to be treated.  Even though five weeks of headaches coming and going mostly coming aren't long enough.  He refused to even prescribe migraine medicine for me.  He did order a MRA to make sure that I don't have a slow bleed in my brain.  I go for that on Thursday.  I talked to my primary today about the neurologist.  They couldn't believe he did that to me, so we came up with a new plan.  I will go ahead with the MRA, and have the place fax them over a copy of the report also.  On Monday, they will call and get me an appointment with a new neurologist that I have heard nothing but glowing things about.  Here I was thinking I would want to change primary doctors.  Not after this.  They have been great advocates for me.  At least I know that there isn't any masses in my brain.  (I did see the copy of the MRI)  

Other than the fact my body is falling apart, life around here has been pretty sweet.  The kids are doing good.  Hubster is still liking the job.  I hate my college courses with a passion, and I've really struggled with them because of the headaches.  I just keep telling myself that this too shall pass in a few years.  I just have to keep plugging along, and eventually I will get through this.  

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