Thursday, January 19, 2012


I have been working on a headache of some sort for nearly every day for the past four weeks.  Today has been horrible with how bad it will hurt, and then it lets up.  I try to get as much done as I can while the head isn't pounding away like a sledge hammer is inside it.  The headaches are strange.  They are not a migraine because I can tell what a migraine is.  This isn't it.  These headaches come and go all day.  I can be fine one minute and wincing with pain the next.  I never know what symptoms might show with each headache.  It can be anything from just pain to tingling in my face, clogged ear feeling, medicine head feeling, jumbled up thoughts, to blurry vision.  All I know is that I'm starting to worry about them.  They are effecting my life.  Tuesday night my head was hurting enough that I couldn't concentrate.  I was having a hard time with getting things to make sense to me.  It was like my brain was jumbled up.  It was not a pleasant experience, and it was down right scary.  I refuse to drive out of town by myself or with just the kids because I don't know when one of these headaches will hit.  I do not like the feeling of not knowing where I am or what is going on.  We haven't made it to church in nearly two weeks because of the headaches.  When they hit, it wipes me out.  I was going to go to the doctor today, but our insurance does not start until February 1.  I will be going if the headaches still persist.  I also start the three weeks of tests that conclude with a biopsy on February 15.  I am ready to be normal again.

We had supper on Saturday night with another couple that we love dearly.  Her and I swear our husbands are kin.  They act so much alike it is scary.  They both pull some of the same stunts, and they both are as sweet as can be.  Don't mess with their family though.

I started back to school yesterday.  I'm still trying to get a feel of what I believe this semester will be like.  I'm having problems concentrating and following sometimes when the headaches start.

We have been talking about changing to a church that is nearer to home.  The boys have soundly objected to that, so I'm pretty sure we will keep going where we are.  I want to be happy at whatever church we happen to be at.  Right now Hubster and I seem to be both struggling with even going.  *See above about the two weeks of not being in church* It has nothing to do with the pastor either.  We love our pastor and his preaching.  It is the drive that is starting to get us.  I don't know what will end up happen, but I'm going to pray for God's guidance in this.

Besides the headache, life has been pretty dad gum terrific.  The kids are great.  The Hubster is great.  Things seem to be looking up.

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