Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Final Countdown...

The boys are in their last week of school.  Woo Hoo!  We are all very, very excited.  My mom was saying that I'm one of the few parents that is excited about school being over.  I really am excited.  I'm lining up my schedule for next semester.  I do need to go in and make one slight change.  I have decided to change my degree plan.  The Lord has been dealing with me for a bit, and I kept trying to not go the direction He wants me to go.  All I could think about was that going into education is a field flush with teachers out of work right now, but I've been praying about what I'm supposed to be doing with my life.  All I keep hearing is Him telling me that He has me covered.  That when I finish, I will have a job.  I'm going to quit fighting it and going with my logical mind and just do it.  If it is God's will, then I'm good to go.

In other news, we serve a very awesome God.  Just seeing Him work in our lives over the last week is amazing.  Hubster's job had slowed down a bunch over the last week and a half.  On Thursday, he got a phone call from a head hunter wanting to know if he might be interested in interviewing for another job. He is always interested, so he met the head hunter.  The head hunter sent his information onto the company Friday morning.  The company called him that day and asked him to come in for an interview.  They hired him on the spot pending a background check and urinalysis test.  He went up there on Monday afternoon to discuss pay and benefits, because the company he was working for didn't have any work for him.  He told them that he would like to give a notice to his old job.  When he contacted his old job they advised him that they didn't have any work for the next 2 weeks.  There is no way we could have survived 2 weeks without a paycheck.  They told him to go ahead and start at the new location.  God was looking out for us.  The new company is close to what we jokingly call "Midland" pay or more.  He thinks he will really like it there.  There is the opportunity for growth.  Our van broke down nearly 2 weeks ago, and we have not had the funds to pay to get it fixed with the 2 short paychecks from being gone.  We have borrowed my parents' vehicle.  I had a customer call me out of the blue on Saturday wanting to go on a trip this week.  I booked it for him Saturday evening.  It was a very nice commission.  He called me Sunday morning, and he needed to cancel.  There went my commission.  I got the mail today, and he had sent me a check for $500 to cover my commission that I lost.  He felt terrible about doing that to me.  That check was enough to cover the cost of my van to be fixed (whole other praise because we found somebody to do it for $60 less than we were expecting), and we can get completely caught up.  God has taken such great care of us.  We certainly don't deserve it.

Tyler made the high school drum line at school.  He is going to be doing the cymbals.  I think that is pretty awesome considering he is only in 8th grade.  Kylee's teacher is helping me on Thursdays during the summer.  I'm excited about that.  She does an awesome job with the girls plus she helps me keep the house in order.

I am only 60 pounds away from goal weight.  I'm hoping to be there by the end of the year.  I've lost a total of 120 pounds so far.  I really should post some before and after pictures.  Super excited about that.  I think that catches us up yet again.

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