Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

from our family to yours.  We have had a wonderful Christmas.  The kids seem to have gotten what they all wanted, and we didn't break the bank or go into debt.  I refuse to go into debt for any reason including Christmas.  I think that is crazy.  Things ended up working out, and the Navy still owes us nearly $3000.  Just have to keep on them to get it taken care of.  Hopefully Hubster stays on top of it.

TB got his flat screen television that he was wanting, and we got a terrific deal on it.  We only paid $285  for a 42in one for his room.  I like his better than I like mine.  Santa brought him an android tablet that he had been requesting.  KB got a bunch of little things, mainly a guitar, a tablet, clothes, and a skateboard.  He should be able to give the skateboard a whirl come this week.  His foot is much better.  I'm half way tempted to not even take him in to see the doctor for a final xray.  The girls got a bounce house that is huge.  It sits in our family room upstairs, but it is very large.  It can be taken outside and played with too.  They got a few toys, and Santa brought a Disney princess musical vanity and kitchen.  I must have been an extra good girl this year too.  I got a cricut and a kindle fire.  Both of them things that I had been asking for.  I must say that we have been blessed this year.

Can't wait to start the new year off.  I'm expecting 2012 to be a fantastic year for our family.  I don't believe that I should have to have any surgeries.  Plus we are going to start training for a 5k.  I can't wait.  I plan on losing the last of the weight this year.  Looking forward to many blessings.  I hope that everybody out there in blogger land has a year filled with them too.

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