Monday, May 30, 2011

The Weekend...

We had a very busy weekend. I'm pooped from it. Saturday Hubster decided that we were going to have a Forced Family Fun Day. He told everybody to get in the car and to be quiet. He was taking us on a day trip. We drove for an hour and a half only to not do what we had set out to do. The lines were to long, and we all didn't want to have to wait. We ended up eating at Cheddars. I love that place. I do believe that might be one of my favorite restaurants. We finally made it home, and then Hubster and I went on a date. We went and saw Fast Five. I loved it. I can watch Vin Diesel though in just about anything. There was lots of eye candy on the screen. After that we went to eat at Red Lobster because I had a $25 giftcard that I got for Mother's Day from my Secret Sister at church. Date night ended up not costing us a whole bunch.

Sunday we went to church, and then we came home. We took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda 2. Loved it. BG fell asleep, but the other 4 (including Hubster) really liked it. It was really cute, and I liked it better than the first movie. After the movie we decided to go to a hotel for the night. I took the kids swimming, and by the end of the night I felt like the biggest loser. KG threw up because she swallowed water. I caught her before she puked in the pool, but I wouldn't let her go swimming any more. She had puke all over her swimsuit. I figured others wouldn't want her swimming in the pool after that. BG decide that she was going to pee on the side of the deck. At least it wasn't in the pool. This was on top of her getting stuck in the hot tub, and I was trying to get to her. As I got ready to hop out of the pool, my bathing suit bottom fell down. I don't think anybody saw it, but it was embarrassin. Another lady got to her first and grabbed her. I guess it is time for a new swimsuit. I didn't realize how big it was.

We didn't do much today. Hubster had to work until noon. I went grocery shopping, and Hubster took KB to get a Samsung tablet that he found on Craiglist for $50. Overall it was a great weekend. I'm going to be busy the next two weeks as I start to get ready for my surgery coming up on the 9th. I'm going to get highlights on Tuesday, and I have pre-op on Wednesday. Should be a fun filled week.

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