Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gee Whiz...

I thought that losing weight would help with my blood pressure. That would be a nope. It has gone up, so I get to go to the doctor this afternoon. Oh joy. At least I get to weigh. I also found a knot on my shoulder that I need to have him check out. It hurts, so I don't think it is any thing major. It just hurts, and it bothers me. I didn't notice it until yesterday.

Not very much going on around here. Going to go sometime this weekend and get the kids new bedding. They all desperately need it. I want to get their rooms done, and then I hope to work on mine. I hate every thing in my room. Well, except for Hubster. I kind of like him. Hubster will actually have a 3 day weekend, so I think we are going to visit my new great-niece on Sunday after church. I need to find out about practice on Monday for the boys. That will determine just exactly what we are going to do. I'm just looking forward to relaxing. It seems to have been a long time, since we have gotten to do that.

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