Sunday, July 27, 2014

Is This Deployment Ever Going to End?

     I have just about decided the answer is no.  It seems like that every time I think that I might just might be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel it flickers and goes out.  I'm ready to see my husband.  The kids are ready to see their daddy.  We are getting to that point of the deployment that the tiredness starts to wear on you.  I need my second wind.  I need to know that it really is going to end.  I keep telling myself that we are under 200 days now.  That number looks huge.  I'm ready to be in the double digits.  Shoot, at this point, I will take being under 150 days.
     One of the boys was telling me last night that they wish daddy was home.  I replied that I do to.  He said that his friends have no idea what it is like.  I know honey.  Nobody, unless they have gone through it, knows what it is like.  We keep going because that is what we are to do.  We keep going because that is what keeps daddy going.  We keep going because we can do this.  We do this one day at a time, and there are times that we do this one minute and one second at a time.
     At least the Hubster is out of Afghanistan for now.  He is in Jordan working doing "Seabee Work" as he says.  I have no idea where in Jordan, but I tell myself that is better than where he was at.  It does make me feel better.  At least the communication is better where he is at now.  He does pay for his wifi, but that is better than not hearing from him.
     Ty starts drivers ed on Monday.  He turned 16, and he has finally decided that he wants to drive.  Keifer turns 15 in January, and he is already pestering me about drivers ed.  I told him I would find out when the earliest he could start drivers ed would be.  Ty won't be able to get his drivers license until he has had his permit for 6 months, but that is 6 months less of really high car insurance.  The girls are doing pretty good.  Ky-pie starts occupational therapy on Wednesday.  We began to notice that she has balance and fine motor skill issues back in January, and we went through a whole host of tests to check for tumors and other muscular diseases.  Needless to say it was a very stressful few months that we went through while daddy has been gone.  Bell-Bell is doing great.  She loves school, and she has lots of friends.  She has really become clingy and won't leave my side over the last month or two.  I'm guessing it is because daddy is gone.  She is ready for him to be home too.  As far as me, I had foot surgery back in May to remove a cyst from the bottom of my foot.  Please note that it felt like I was walking on a rock for nearly 5 months before they removed the cyst.  In other words, it hurt.  It hurt bad.  I'm now in physical therapy trying to make sure that scar tissue doesn't grow.  All of those nerve endings in your foot can really make your foot throb if it has scar tissue.  We have found another knot, and I go back to pt and the doctor tomorrow.  There was mention of having another surgery to remove the new knot.  Sigh...I don't think this is ever going to end.  I  took off a semester of college, and I start back on September 1.  I think I'm ready only because I'm ready to be done.  In a nutshell, that is what is going on in our house right now.  We appreciate all of the prayers we can get to get through the remainder of this deployment.

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